We are experiencing an unprecedented number inquiries for our product!   Grass finished beef takes patience and we are working hard to meet the demand. We we hope to fill our freezer with our USDA Inspected Packaged Ground Beef that we can sell by the pound.  Check back here another time to see if that is an option!

We sell...

Farm Fresh

Locally Grown

Pasture Raised

Grass Fed Beef

See pricing and options below.


Beef by the 1/4, 1/2 or Whole


How Big? We produce market sized beef that is finished between 1000 and 1200 pounds. This beef will have a hanging weight between 550 and 700 pounds.

How Much? We charge $3.75 a pound hanging weight. Most of our customers purchase a 1/4 or a 1/2 cow. A quarter will run you about $600-$650 total cost (including harvest, cut and wrap).

By The Package? We do have a license to sell by the package out of our freezer (USDA/ODA).  However, we have a limited supply- contact us about availability and pricing.

First Time Buyer? We help you order your beef by giving you tips and advice on your cuts and simply helping you anticipate the questions the butcher will ask. We use Sharp’s Custom Cutting (formerly Voget’s) in Hubbard Oregon. Sharp’s charges by the pound for cut and wrap (plus a harvest fee per quarter). You are able to make many decisions about the cuts of your meat, the size of your packages and more.

Interested?  Contact Kathy kathyanncarpenter@gmail.com  and she will start a dialogue with you.  We anticipate that our first time customers will have lots of questions and we love to answer them!  Ask away. If you already know you want to buy...let her know!  We'll get you on the list and provide you with "next step" instructions!

Carpenter's Corner


Locally Grown. We are Ron and Kathy Carpenter. We have owned a small farm in Canby, Oregon since 2001. At Carpenter’s Corner. We strive to grow the healthiest, best tasting (not too fat and not too lean) grass fed beef for you. Carpenter’s Corner leases about 150 acres to pasture graze the cattle and to grow local grass hay for harvest.

Pasture Raised. We raise our cows the old fashioned farm way: in a pasture with proper minerals, water, nutrients, and of course plenty of grass.

Grass Fed. Our cows are all raised on good quality, locally grown, green grass in a pasture. We feed them hay grown in our own pastures as well. Most of our cows will have some grain as a freshly weaned calf to nurture and train them and to acclimate them to new surroundings. We will also give grass pellets or grain to cows as we are finishing them, depending on the season


About Us

A Little More Info

We are Ron and Kathy Carpenter. We moved to Canby from Willamina in 1990. We've been married for over 30 years! We raised four children (all grown); two are married so far; we have four wonderful GRANDKIDS!!!!; we are part of a great church family; and we very thankful for our blessings!  Ron is a gospel preacher and in our "free" time we raise cattle.  We raise our cows the old fashioned farm way: in a pasture with proper minerals, water, nutrients, plenty of grass and of course TLC!